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Superbowl Italian Flavored Pita Chips

Make Your Heart the Winner on Super Bowl Sunday

As you prepare your menu for the big game on Sunday, are you putting your heart at risk?

According to dietician Joseph Gonzales in his Daily Journal article, emotional stress combined with a high-fat diet can increase your risk of heart attack and watching the Super Bowl can definitely be tense! 

Cardiologist David Frid of the Cleaveland Clinic points out in a recent article by Matt McMillen that every bite counts! Eating just one meal laden with high-fat Super Bowl favorites can make your blood more likely to clot, leading to heart attack and stroke.

Instead of traditional fatty foods like delivery pizza and hot wings, prepare healthy dishes from each of these categories using the lowest fat ingredients possible and satisfy your cravings while keeping your heart healthy.

Dips and Nibblers:

Best Texas Caviar, Super Bowl Salsa, Beer Chile Con Queso, Spinach Dip, Ultimate French Onion Dip, Avocado Feta Salsa, Spicy Corn and Bean Salsa, Italian Pita Chips, or Snacking Nuts

One Pot Wonders:

Super Bowl Sunday Stew or Moosewood Vegetarian Chili

Hearty Snacks for Half-Time:

Chicken Parmesan Sub, Boneless Buffalo Wings, Barbecued Pork and Coleslaw Sandwiches, or Basil Pesto Cherry Tomato Pizza

On the Sweet Side:

Super Bowl Brownies or Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips