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Top 20 Salmon recipes

Pesto Salmon and Sea Scallops with Shallot Sauce

about 10 hours ago

3.07 k

Salmon is rich in omega 3 and is becoming more and more popular in our normal cooking, in this recipe we use salmon and scallops with the delicious shallot sauce, easy and simpl...

Salmon Wellington with Dilled Hollandaise

about 5 hours ago

3.96 k

Salmon and spinach stuffed inside of puff pastry then roasted until golden. Crispy and flaky on the outside, served with a tangy and creamy sauce.

Little Chief Smoked Salmon Deluxe

4 days ago

2.16 k

Little Chief Smoked Salmon Deluxe recipe

Old Fashioned Salmon Loaf

about 8 hours ago

2.27 k

Old Fashioned Salmon Loaf recipe

Basic Best Salmon Loaf

about 4 hours ago

1.87 k

Leave the ground beef in the freezer, and use this delicious recipe that uses not chicken, but fish!

Salmon, Broccoli, and Mushroom Pasta

10 days ago

1.81 k

Pan seared salmon is gently tossed with browned mushrooms, broccoli, some good extra-virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice.

Seafood Frittata

about 4 hours ago


A rich and decadent frittata packed with a variety of seafood.

Diabetic Salmon Patties

6 days ago


Diabetic Salmon Patties recipe

Favourite Salmon Patties

4 days ago


Very very good, we baked the pasties in the oven, and they turned out perfect.

Best Salmon Cakes

28 days ago


If dinner's not ready yet and your guests are starting to get hungry, then serve these quick and easy salmon cakes as a starter.

Scallop and Smoked Salmon Pasta

15 days ago


We liked it very much. The flavour is strong so make sure you serve it to those who like fish or cut down on the smoked salmon.

Balsamic Glazed Salmon

23 days ago


This easy balsamic glaze makes a delicious coating for salmon. Enjoy it with simply roasted asparagus.

Secret Fresh Salmon Cakes

5 days ago


This salmon cake recipe uses fresh instead of canned salmon, and details step-by-step how to make salmon cakes.

Crispy Salmon with Mushrooms

4 days ago


Quick and easy. Cooking the salmon on one side over a higher heat creates an incredibly crispy coating to the salmon with or without the skin. In this recipe a flavorful mushro...

Cheddar Salmon Cakes

about 5 hours ago


These delicious salmon cakes are so easy to make, and well satisfy your appetite. Well balanced flavor, texture and nutrients, and the ingredients are reasonably economical as ...

15 Minute Perfect Shallow Poached Salmon

6 days ago


Incredibly quick and easy and packed with flavor. Shallow poaching keeps the flavor from leeching into the poaching liquid and then reducing the liquid to make a sauce captures ...

Penne Ala Vodka and Smoked Salmon

28 days ago


A simply delicious dish. It was very easy to make, and tasted creamy and flavourful. If you like smoked salmon and a creamy style pasta dish, you should definitely give this rec...

Easy Microwave Salmon Loaf

about 10 hours ago


Easy Microwave Salmon Loaf recipe

Easy Baked Salmon with Dill on Rice

28 days ago


Oven baked salmon with dill recipe bakes in rice topped tomatoes and mushrooms for an easy weekday main dish recipe.

Pacific Salmon Loaf

5 days ago


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