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Top 20 Rice recipes

Simple Jamaican Rice and Peas

about 12 hours ago

3.87 k

Made quick and easy by using canned (unsweetened) coconut milk and canned kidney beans, this is a great accompaniment to jerk chicken.

Traditional Hopping John


3.09 k

Along the coast of the Southern US eating Hoppin' John on New Year's Day is thought to bring a year filled with luck and prosperity. The beans symbolize coins or pennies. Som...

Benihana Ginger Salad Dressing

13 days ago

2.17 k

Authentic version of the Benihana Ginger Salad dressing served at the Benihana hibachi grill restaurants. This ginger infused, slightly sweet and slightly tangy salad dressing ...

Ground Beef Kebabs

5 days ago

1.52 k

Cold Rice Salad

1 day ago

1.5 k

Such a flavorful and refreshing rice salad that is ideal on a warm spring day or a hot summer day, especially it's best served once chilled. Feel free to add cucumber, radishes...

South African Vegetable Biryani

about 22 hours ago

1.59 k

A delicious South African dish made with rice, potatoes, green peas and hot chili peppers.

Crockpot Rice Pudding

1 day ago

1.93 k

Dust off your crockpot and try making this scrumptious rice pudding that everyone will enjoy!

Honey-Soy Steak Strips Over Rice for Two

1 day ago

1.26 k

Quick, easy marinated ginger beef strips. Asian inspired steak strips glazed in a ginger honey soy sauce with green peppers served over rice.

Red Snapper in Creamy Bechamel Sauce

25 days ago

1.01 k

Tender Red Snapper filets baked in wine with a bubbling creamy sauce topped with cheese and breadcrumbs oregano.

German Cabbage Rolls

about 12 hours ago

1.02 k

Pork Chops with Bacon 'n Egg Fried Rice

6 days ago


Baked pork chops with bacon and egg fried rice. Browned on the stovetop and finished in the oven for tender pork.

Crispy Crunchy Peanut Snowballs

7 days ago


Crispy and a children pleaser. A very quick and easy no-bake recipe that the kids can help make.

Anne's Chicken For Crock Pot

6 days ago

1.16 k

A scrumptious chicken dish that can easily be made with your cooking sidekick, the crockpot.

Caribbean Rice

1 day ago


Easy Ground Beef n' Cabbage Skillet

1 day ago


An easy one-skillet dinner. Simple beef, rice and cabbage deliver a comforting weeknight main dish that satisfies.

All-In-One Sausage and Zucchini Casserole

13 days ago


A delicious casserole made with italian sausage, zucchini, rice and parmigiano-reggiano cheese.

Jambalaya One-Pot Meal

3 days ago


Super easy to make, and it tastes delicious. A perfect one-pan meal on a busy week day!

Five Soup Hot Dish

3 days ago



Cheese Crispies

about 3 hours ago


If you have to be addicted to snacks, this is a great one! I was introduced to these while "stranded" in an airport with a woman who came prepared! They're great to munch on any...

Chinese Fried Rice with Bell Pepper, Peas and Carrots

about 11 hours ago


This quick and easy fried rice is very flavorful. The bell pepper, peas and carrots add some beautiful colors and crunchy texture into the fried rice, the Asian flavor from the ...

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