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Dessert recipe collection

Black Forest Cherry Cheesecake

4 days ago


This cheesecake is amazingly chocolatey and delicious. It screams out the cherry flavour. Definitely worth the effort.

Black Forest Mini Cheesecakes



Mini-bites of heaven. Individual chocolate cheesecake topped with cherries.

Black Pudding (Irish)

about 3 hours ago

2.23 k

Black Pudding (Irish) recipe

Black Walnut Pound Cake

4 days ago


Black Walnut Pound Cake recipe

Blueberry Streusel Cake



A moist and fluffy coffee cake! Light, not too sweet, and very tasty, great dessert that fits summer perfectly!

Bourbon Chocolate Cake

2 days ago

1.38 k

Easy to make rich and delicious chocolate cake spiked with bourbon.

Brownie Bottom Cheesecake



Brownie Bottom Cheesecake recipe

Can't Fail Fudge

1 day ago


From the first time I made this fudge it was a hit! I had family and friends asking "When are you going to make more fudge?" And it's so easy I can make it anytime!

Canadian Flag Cheesecake (Canada Day)



Make this creamy, smooth and delicious Canadian flag cheesecake for the celebration of Canada Day.

Candy Cane Cheesecake



Made this one last night, and it came out beautiful and delicious. I could find all these creamy, smooth and delicious things in every bite.

Carob Brownies

14 days ago


Chewy Rich Carob Brownies Are Delicious!! Easy To Make!!

Cheese Filling for Danish Pastry



Easy to prepare sweet cheese filling that's prefect for Danishes.

Cheesecake Cookie Squares



Like cookies and also like cheesecake, the combination of both cookies and cheesecake, wow, sounds a good idea for a sweet treat to satisfy the sweet tooth!

Cherry and White Chocolate Chunk Chocolate Ice Cream



These is nothing better than a cold and creamy ice cream in summer, this ice cream is lower in fat and calories, and very delicious!

Cherry Cheese Bars

23 days ago


These cherry cream cheese bars were divine. The cream cheese added the rich creaminess; I made my own cherry pie filling, which was packed with cherry flavour and not super swee...

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