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Custard recipe collection

Decadent Plum Clafoutis



Fresh and seasonal plums, creamy and rich custard are baked together to make this irresistibly decadent plum clafoutis.

Pumpkin Maple Custards with Honey Glazed Walnuts



Absolutely delicious! I love pumpkin but hate making pie crust, so this is a great alternative. Very easy, too. The maple syrup is a nice subtle flavor. The honey glazed walnuts...

Strawberry or Raspberry Custard Tart



We took these tartlets with us to our friends place to dinner, they disappeared quickly, and they were so tasty, almond crust was a hit, and whole milk custard turned out creamy...

Custard Peach Pie

15 days ago



Rhubarb Custard Pie



This delicious rhubarb custard pie is a hit at our family dinner table.

Christmas Pudding With Vanilla-Bean Custard



This Christmas pudding has plenty of delicious fruit and nuts, but it's really simple to make - just plan ahead and then make the warm vanilla-bean custard on the day.

Moms' Banana Custard Pudding

16 days ago


Banana Custard Pudding recipe

Almond Ricotta Custard



I won a microwave oven with this recipe

Amish Custard Pie

15 days ago


This silky and rich custard pie always brings back rave reviews.

Apple and Rum Custard Cake



Apple and Rum Custard Cake recipe

Apple Custard Pie

15 days ago


A show stopper of an apple custard pie recipe with tender apple halves baked in a luscious, creamy vanilla custard filling.

Apple Spice Custard Cake



Apple Spice Custard Cake recipe

Apple Turnovers with Custard

21 days ago


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