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Fudge recipe collection

Quickand Easy Fudgey Brownies

12 days ago


Quickand Easy Fudgey Brownies

A1 Prize Winning Fudge

21 days ago


Super smooth texture with intense chocolate flavor along with a dose of marshmallow fluff that keeps this fudge light and fluffy.

Can't Fail Fudge

21 days ago


From the first time I made this fudge it was a hit! I had family and friends asking "When are you going to make more fudge?" And it's so easy I can make it anytime!

Chocolate Fudge Pound Cake

4 days ago


Chocolate Fudge Pound Cake recipe

Chocolate-Fudge Bundt Cake

21 days ago


Chocolate-Fudge Bundt Cake recipe

Coffee Fudge Popsicles

21 days ago


Made these coffee fudge popsicles a few days ago... Boy, oh boy, they were the best and easiest popsicles I had ever made. Coffee, chocolate, and fudge were all in one bite, it ...

Crispy Chocolate Fudge

13 days ago


These crispy, chocolaty treats keep well in the refrigerator, but they won't last long---they'll be gone in no time! Make them Mexican by adding a pinch each of ground cinnamon...

Double Fudge Kahlua Brownies

21 days ago


Double Fudge Kahlua Brownies recipe

Double Fudge Saucepan Brownies

20 days ago


Double Fudge Saucepan Brownies recipe

Ed'S Peanut Butter Fudge

22 days ago


Make your fudge today and enjoy this delicious treat that will satisfy all your peanut butter needs!

Fantasy Fudge

22 days ago


Find out what your fantasy is with this delicious fudge recipe that's easy to understand and follow.

Fast Peanut Butter Fudge

11 days ago


This recipe starts out as peanut-butter fudge, but with the addition of powdered cocoa, can apparently been engineered to be chocolate.

Foolproof Chocolate Fudge

22 days ago


This simple and delicious snack is perfect for dessert but don't expect to get the kids away from it!

Frosted Fudge Brownies

21 days ago


Frosted Fudge Brownies recipe

Fudge-Topped Brownies

22 days ago


Fudge-Topped Brownies recipe

Fudgey Peanut Butter Chip Muffins

22 days ago


Fudgey Peanut Butter Chip Muffins recipe

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