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Stretching Your Food Dollar: 7 Quick Tips to Savings

According to Bloomberg, many food companies will be passing the rising costs of food staples like corn and wheat on to the consumer. 

Already struggling with tight budgets, making every food dollar go as far as possible will become even more vital to American shoppers as grocery prices rise. 

Here are 7 simple tips to stretch your food dollar at your local supermarket:

• Keep a current list of what you have in your pantry. This will help you use the ingredients you have already invested in.

• Make the most of the discounts available to you. See what is on sale and what coupons you have, then plan your meals around them.

• Remember that buying something on sale is only a good deal if you can use it AND you have the room to store it properly. 

• Buy staple ingredients like beef or pasta on sale and plan to use them in multiple recipes.

• Instead of buying prepackaged meals, buy the ingredients and package them in individual or family-size portions.

• When the ingredients for your family’s favorite dishes are on sale, buy enough for 2 recipes. Prepare both batches and then freeze one for a quick and convenient dinner in the future.

• Learn to make your favorite take-out food like pizza or cashew chicken. You can save money and use healthier ingredients.