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Top 20 Coleslaw recipes

Better Than KFC Coleslaw

1 day ago

2.28 k

This recipe tastes exactly like the original Kentucky Fried Chicken coleslaw but without the slightly bitter preservative aftertaste. It's easy to make with a food processor an...

Luby's Spanish Slaw with Dressing

8 days ago

1.09 k

This slaw is a great side dish with burgers, pulled pork, BBQ, or any succulent meaty dishes. Loved the dilled pickles in the slaw and the pickled juice in the dressing, which r...

Creamy Lemon Buttermilk Coleslaw

5 days ago


An authentic American creamy coleslaw that doesn't turn watery the next day, with a refreshing hint of lemon.

Southern Coleslaw

20 days ago


Spicy Thai Slaw

28 days ago


An easy to make coleslaw with south Asian flavors and a bit of a kick.

Mexican Coleslaw

23 days ago


Within about 10 minutes, this Mexican coleslaw is ready to go. Refreshing, light, tasty and packed with goodness.

Coleslaw with Spicy Peanut Dressing

29 days ago


Peanut butter makes a creamy, nutty yet tasty dressing that works deliciously well with this coleslaw.

Creamy Coleslaw

22 days ago


Cajun Coleslaw

17 days ago


A delicious variation of coleslaw made with sweet bell peppers and tabasco sauce.

Tiger Slaw w/Lemongrass Vinaigrette

5 days ago


I got this from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

Cabbage-Apple Slaw

28 天 ago


Made this recipe with low-fat sour cream and a bit mayonnaise, deliciously creamy, and loved the fruitiness from the apples. This coleslaw is delicious at many ways, topping for...

Red and Green Coleslaw

29 days ago


Crunchy and refreshing, the coleslaw was slightly sweet and sour. Loved the dried cranberries in it, I also added one peeled and chopped green apple, our guests really enjoyed i...

Nutty Coleslaw

29 days ago


Celery and peanuts not only added some nice crunch, but also gave the salad some delicious tang and nuttiness. Very easy to prepare, for the best result, put it in the fridge fo...

Memphis Chopped Coleslaw

5 days ago


A sweeter Memphis slaw featuring bold southern flavors so it can stand up to full flavor barbecue classics such as pulled pork or Memphis ribs.

Marvellous Marinated Coleslaw

28 days ago


I used roasted bell pepper instead of pimento, which worked perfectly well. Roasted bell pepper added delicious smokiness to the coleslaw, and it was very easy to put together. ...

Buttermilk Herbed Coleslaw

28 days ago


Buttermilk dressing gives the cole slaw creaminess in taste by keeps it light without adding much in the way of fat. Fresh chives and parsley keeps the taste bright. A tasty si...

Thai Cabbage Slaw

29 days ago


A very tasty and refreshing salad, it's a perfect side dish with barbecued meat.

Slaw with Maple-Soy Dressing

28 days ago


Sweet, sour and tasty maple-soy dressing makes this slaw refreshingly delicious.

Lexington Red Coleslaw

29 days ago


Not your normal creamy coleslaw. The Lexington style coleslaw is tossed with ketchup, vinegar, and hot sauce, so it tastes quite sweet, sour and slightly spicy. A perfect side d...

Black Bean Slaw with Soy Ginger Dressing

29 days ago


A delicious saw, love the idea of adding black bean into this crunchy and tasty slaw. The soy-ginger dressing goes deliciously well with all the veggies. A great side dish to be...

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