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Cabbage recipe collection

Asian Cabbage Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce

17 days ago


Creamy, spicy, slightly sweet and sour peanut sauce makes this scrumptious Asian-style cabbage salad. The salad can be made one day in advance, simply wrap it up and refrigerate...

Better Than KFC Coleslaw

1 day ago

2.24 k

This recipe tastes exactly like the original Kentucky Fried Chicken coleslaw but without the slightly bitter preservative aftertaste. It's easy to make with a food processor an...

Cabbage and Potatoes



Cabbage and Potatoes recipe

Cabbage Cucumber Salad with Tamarind Dressing



A quick, easy and delicious salad. Cucumber, mang bean sprouts and cabbage were crunchy and juicy. lemon, yogurt and tamarind dressing was creamy and refreshing. A delicious dish.

Cabbage Rolls I

30 days ago


Finally make those cabbage rolls you've always wanted to try with this simple and delicious recipe.

Coleslaw with Spicy Peanut Dressing

21 days ago


Peanut butter makes a creamy, nutty yet tasty dressing that works deliciously well with this coleslaw.

Easy Kimchi

17 days ago


If you are a big fan of kimchi and looking for an easy yet delicious kimchi recipe, this is the one. It's simple, it's easy to do at home, and you will be satisfied.

German Cabbage Rolls

9 days ago

1.05 k

German Sweet And Sour Red Cabbage



Sweet-And-Sour Red Cabbage recipe

Hot and Sour Cabbage

17 days ago


Quick, easy and tasty! The stir-fried cabbage can be served with steamed rice or crusty bread.

Pugach Pie

20 days ago


Quick Asian Risotto

3 days ago


Using cooked short-grain brown rice makes this super quick and tasty Asian risotto, it can be an appetizer or a simply delicious meal!

Red and Green Coleslaw

8 days ago


Crunchy and refreshing, the coleslaw was slightly sweet and sour. Loved the dried cranberries in it, I also added one peeled and chopped green apple, our guests really enjoyed i...

Red Cabbage and Red Bean Soup

3 days ago


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