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Bacon recipe collection

Southwestern Burgers



Delicous Hamburger with Kasier Roll

Special Club Sandwich

7 days ago


I substituted deli roasted turkey breast for the chicken and used whole grain oatmeal bread. Outstanding.

Super Easy Meatloaf from a Box



Ground Beef mixed with Box Stuffing, Egg, and Water makes a quick and easy meatloaf.

Sweet and Brown Sauerkraut

3 days ago

4.26 k

This is my Signature Recipe! It is asked for at Potluck-Dinners by people who once tasted it, even those who don't care for Sauerkraut are now asking me to bring it.

The Original recipe for SPAGHETTI ALLA CARBONARA



The true original Spaghetti Alla Cabonara recipe, directly from Italy!

Tom's Bacon Potato Soup



Bacon Potato Soup recipe

Turkey Bacon Burgers



Turkey Bacon Burgers recipe

Very Creamy Corn Chowder



Very Creamy Corn Chowder recipe

Yummy Bacon-Topped Cheese Soup



Bacon-Topped Cheese Soup recipe

Yummy Pasta with Meatballs



Pasta with Meatballs recipe

Beef Bourguignon Provencal



Classic French Provencal dish usually cooked in a heavy casserole on the stove top or in the oven; would also work well in slow cooker. Use inexpensive stewing beef or oyster bl...

Crock Pot Venison Barbecue

7 days ago


If you're feeding a large family, then try this succulent venison dish that can easily be made with your crockpot.

Dad's Favourite Spicy Beef Carbonade



Dad's Favourite Spicy Beef Carbonade recipe

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