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Top 20 Bacon recipes

Secret Jagerschnitzel - German Hunter Schnitzel

about 5 hours ago

52.3 k

Pork or veal schnitzel with a mushroom sauce topped with bacon. Perfect for Oktoberfest or any time you are hankering for German fare.

Spinach Ricotta Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Lemon White Wine Sauce

about 11 hours ago

12.9 k

Cheesy juicy stuffed chicken breasts filled with bacon, ricotta and swiss cheese, pan fried until golden and served with a lemony white wine sauce.

Coq Au Vin à la Slow Cooker

1 day ago

5.47 k

An excellent rendition of Coq au Vin - chicken cooked in red wine for the crockpot. The sauce is packed with layers of flavor, perfectly balanced and the chicken was fall apart ...

Sweet and Brown Sauerkraut

about 2 hours ago

4.39 k

This is my Signature Recipe! It is asked for at Potluck-Dinners by people who once tasted it, even those who don't care for Sauerkraut are now asking me to bring it.

Peameal Bacon - Canadian Pickled Pork Bacon - Back bacon

about 12 hours ago

3.91 k

This is an easy to make version of real homemade Canadian Bacon. Also known as peameal bacon in Canada. Works wonderfully for peameal on a bun.

Chicken Carbonara

about 8 hours ago

3.5 k

A rich and delicious version of the classic pasta Carbonara loaded with chicken, ham, peas and sun-dried tomatoes in a creamy sauce.

German Beef Roulade

1 day ago

3.43 k

Wow. Truly a recipe that keeps everyone raving about it for hours. A perfect combination and totally mouth-watering tender. I made it for my father when he was visiting and he l...

Ann Landers' Meatloaf


3.369 k

This easy to prepare bacon wrapped meatloaf is a breeze to prepare and always a hit in our home.

Traditional Hopping John


3.15 k

Along the coast of the Southern US eating Hoppin' John on New Year's Day is thought to bring a year filled with luck and prosperity. The beans symbolize coins or pennies. Som...

Broccoli Bacon Quiche (Crustless)


2.47 k

Rich yet light in texture the broccoli, swiss and bacon are a great combination. Was very easy to downsize into one serving and bake in an individual baking dish. Very easy prep.

Spicy Sweet Bacon Wrapped Chicken


1.87 k

This is based on a delicious Paula Deen chicken recipe. It makes a great appetizer and only uses 5 simple ingredients. I found the original recipe way too sweet so have modified...

Slow Cooker Braciole


1.48 k

My version of this classic Italian dish. This is a very interesting recipe. Actually I've tried this already and I was very impressed by its taste. Try this too so that you will...

Phyllo Chicken with Bacon, Broccoli and Cheese


1.23 k

Great way to use up leftover chicken. Filo pastry stuffed with chicken and broccoli cheese in a light cream sauce.

Broccoli Raisin Salad


1.27 k

A simple, but scrumptious broccoli salad that is the perfect substitute for when you're tired of the same old leaf lettuce side dish.

Octoberfest Bratwurst and Sauerkraut Skillet Dinner

21 days ago

1.29 k

Quick and easy, belly warming perfect with a pint of German beer.

Deluxe Chicken Supper


1.05 k

Cheesy dumplings baked on top of creamy sauce with chunks of chicken, bacon, onions and mushrooms. All in one deluxe chicken dinner.

Potatoes Perfect

21 days ago

1.07 k

Potatoes, bacon, onions and cheddar cheese, slow cooked in a Crockpot. It's hard to get more perfect than that.

Pork Chops with Bacon 'n Egg Fried Rice



Baked pork chops with bacon and egg fried rice. Browned on the stovetop and finished in the oven for tender pork.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

大约 10 小时 ago

1.026 k

This is based on a delicious Paula Deen chicken recipe. Very yummy using only 4 simple ingredients.

Bacon Potato Pie

6 days ago

1.31 k

A quick and delicious potato and bacon breakfast pie that's easy to make. Prep the ingredients on Saturday night and pop it in the oven for Sunday morning breakfast!

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