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Brown Chicken Egg and Egg Shell

As Americans begin to focus more and more on making sustainable food choices and the impact that they are having on the environment, some are choosing to keep chickens in their own backyards…even in the city!

Most urban chicken keepers began their journey by planting a backyard garden to provide fresh produce for their families.

In an effort to become self-sufficient, they sought to create their own supply of manure for fertilizer.

They chose chickens because they are small, affordable, have a low environmental impact, provide pest control and offer an excellent source of protein in the eggs that they lay.

According to Robin Ripley of, eggs from backyard chickens contain more omega-3 fatty acids, 25% more vitamin E, 75% more beta carotene and 1/3 more vitamin A than eggs bought at the grocery store. This is because urban chickens are allowed to exercise and have a free-range diet. 

Eggs from backyard chickens are also fresher than store-bought eggs, giving them a richer flavor and superior texture. 

Many urban chicken keepers sell the extra eggs that their families cannot use. They are proud to be producing food to meet their own needs, as well as the needs of others, and not just consuming it.

If raising your own backyard chickens is not an option, you can still enjoy their delicious eggs and support the urban chicken movement. 

Buy your eggs from the surplus of a local backyard chicken keeper and use them in your favorite egg recipes like Artichoke Scrambled Eggs Benedict or Breakfast Wild Rice and Mushroom Frittata.

With fresh local eggs there are literally thousands of egg recipes that are quick and easy to prepare.