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Award Winner Brownies

20 days ago


Award Winner Brownies recipe

Chocolate, Coconut and Pecan Meringue Bites



Instead of a rich butter cookies, make some macaroon made of egg whites, coconut, pecans and chocolate. They are so chocolaty and delicious, a little bit crunchy at the inside a...

Coffee and Chocolate Ganache Macarons



Almond-coffee meringue cookies are sandwiched with chocolate ganache. These macarons are absolutely additive, no wonder these small sweets are so popular in Paris. After you pop...

Gary's Chocolate Pudding

14 days ago


Gluten Free Chocolate Cake



Gluten Free Chocolate Cake recipe

Holiday Cherry and Rum Biscotti



These biscotti is loaded with flavour, every bite yields bits of yummy goodness. Perfect for a snack with a cup of coffee or your favorite tea, and also make excellent Christmas...

Almond Apricot and Chocolate Sandwich Cookies



These beautiful sandwich cookies are very tasty too, they can be a great gift for holidays. Feel free to use any your favorite fruit jam to replace apricot jam.

Blueberry Parfait



You can use blueberry, or other your favorite frutis to make this parfait, or a fruits combination, they are good too. Enjoy it!

Kahlua Cheesecake Bars



Kahlúa cheesecake bars with a dual layer topping; decadent moist, rich and packed with chocolate flavor.

Texas Brownie Cake



Texas Brownie Cake recipe

Alice's Biscotti Cioccolato



Wow, love these biscotti. They are so chocolaty and the almonds add a layer of delicious nuttiness. Perfect to enjoy it with a cup of tea.

Chocolate Cranberry Scones



These can be served warm or at room temperature with a pat of unsalted butter. Because there’s so much sweetness inside—from the cranberries, chocolate and orange zest—preserves...

Chocolate Cream (false nutella)



"This can be served with the chocolate cookies, cakes, pancakes and chocolate desserts, I recommend."

Chocolate Fantasy Cheesecake

5 days ago


Chocolate Fantasy Cheesecake recipe

Chocolate Macarons with Chocolate Ganache



Have been making all kinds of macarons recently, certainly has become my new addiction. These chocolate macarons are sandwiched with rich-silky chocolate ganache. They melt in y...