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30 Minute Chili

25 days ago


If you're in a hurry, then try this simple recipe that creates a savory chili that will satisfy your hunger in no time!

Andy Beals' Chili

8 days ago


About half of the beans I used were chili beans. And I used a Guinness beer. I (roughly) seeded the jalapenos and this was surprisingly still spicy. A cheap cut of beef works qu...

Authentic Italian Meatballs



Authentic Italian Meatballs recipe

Baked Bloody Rats-Halloween Meatloaf


1.65 k

How about having some baked "rats" made of ground beef at Halloween dinner, this will impress everybody!

Beef Bourguignon for Two


4.07 k

Beef tips marinated in red wine. Pancetta (or bacon), garlic and onion. Simple flavors highlighted by earthy mushrooms, simmered long and slow.

Best Grilled Beef Kebabs


1.12 k

Skewered marinated beef kebabs are great for grilling. This recipe features a technique to really maximize the marinade penetration. Add pineapple, peppers and onions for perfec...

Chinese Spicy Sesame Beef Stir-Fry


1.8 k

Quick and easy to make, and it came out colorful and tasty! We served it over a bed of rice for supper, delicious!

Easy Crock-Pot Spaghetti Sauce



A traditional and delicious spaghetti sauce that can easily be made with the help of your slow cooker.

Garlicky Shepherd's Pie

5 days ago


There are lots of flavor in both topping and filling, love shepherd's pie, then you should make this flavorful and delicious recipe!

Honey Garlic Glazed Meatballs

1 day ago

2.55 k

A classic party pleaser that is fairly easy to make. Meatballs glazed in tasty goodness. Always a hit at a potluck.

Peppered Roast Beef


1.12 k

I let the roast sit at room temperature 20-30 minutes before placing in the oven. Also, make sure the oven heats up to 500 for a good 20 minutes before roasting meat.

Pho Bac (Hanoi Beef & Rice-Noodle Soup)



A savory and hearty soup made with succulent beef, hot chili sauce and bean sprouts.




We love it!!

Slippery Sam's Cowboy Chili



A spicy and savory chili made with red kidney beans and jalapeno peppers that will have you saying "Yeeee-hawwww!!!!"

10 Minute Thai Basil Beef

14 days ago

1.9 k

Gently spicy basil scents the juicy strips of beef in this classic Thai inspired main. Incredibly quick and easy. It's ready to eat in 10 minutes if your ingredients are prepped...

15 Minute Broccoli Beef (Easy)



Simple, quick easy and tasty Broccoli Beef. Can also be made with pork or chicken.