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2,429 bread recipes

Bread is one of the oldest food items around. People in the olden times lived mostly on bread & they knew how to make fresh loaves for their everyday meals.


Aggie's Irish Soda Bread



Buttermilk, raisins and honey flavor this old fashioned soda bread.

All-Bran Bread



Who needs all-bran muffins when you can toast up a slice of all-bran bread? Add fruit and nuts and it's a quick and easy grab 'n go breakfast.

Another Irish Soda Bread Recipe



Don't settle for the same old bread, instead make your own Irish Soda Bread with this simple and easy to follow recipe.

Cate's Pumpkin Nut Bread



Cate's Pumpkin Nut Bread recipe

50 percent Reduced Fat Banana Nut Bread



50 percent Reduced Fat Banana Nut Bread recipe

Gingerbread Men Cookies



Gingerbread Men Cookies recipe

Savory White Bread Abm



Savory White Bread Abm recipe

Favorite Spiced Pumpkin Bread



Spiced Pumpkin Bread recipe

Tom's French Bread



French Bread recipe

100% Whole Wheat Pita Bread



First time to make my own pita bread, and I was shocked by how they beautifully puffed. Then I realized it was not hard at all to make your own. Whole wheat flour gave extra tan...

Paleo Pumpkin Cornbread



Substituting corn meal with coconut flour and adding pumpkin and coconut palm sugar is the perfect way to bake a flavorful, hearty alternative to traditional cornbread. This sid...

Brioche type Bread



Soft, sweet bread, that can be eaten neat, or with sweet or salty supplements. Kids love it, grown-ups love it. Not as sweet as brioche, though. It's always a success!

Chocolate Pumpkin Bread



Pumpkin recipes are blowing up Pinterest this year, more than I remember seeing before. I love the put-pumpkin-in-everything craze as much as anyone, but this year I’m feeling a...

Coconut Gingerbread Cookies



We can be sure that these little cookie people don’t have joint inflammation or digestive problems. Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom and Cloves all have anti- inflammatory properties ...

Gluten-Free Rustic Bread



A great gluten-free recipe for a daily staple that has other benefits too. Sorghum is an important grain because it gives an alternative to wheat for those who need a gluten-fre...

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Bread Tips

How to Keep Bread Fresh the Natural Way

Unless it’s loaded with preservatives fresh bread won’t stay fresh for very long. There are many methods employed to keep bread fresh but most of them only give an extra day or two, if anything. There is however, a proven way to significantly extend t

Discover The Great Benefits In Eating Homemade and Whole Grain Bread

The aroma of freshly baked homemade bread is definitely one of the best smells that you will encounter. Nothing beats having homemade, whole grain bread for breakfast, especially if it just came out of your oven. No matter what kind of baking recipe, home

Make Your Own Healthy, Low-Carb Bread

For people who are watching their weight or just want to cut back on carbohydrates, low-carb breads are just the perfect food for that healthy and satisfying meal. More and more people have started to practice eating bread for their breakfast, lunch and d

Discover The Fast & Easy Ways to Make Basic Bread Dough

This recipe is for simple bread dough which has a delightful buttery flavor. It can be used to also make herbed cheese bread and dinner rolls.

Learn How To Keep Your Bread Fresh

Bread must always be kept fresh. No one wants to eat stale and moldy bread. The usual thing that we do when we want to preserve the freshness of our bread would be to place them inside your fridge. While this is effective to some extent, there are actuall

2 Absolutely Mouth-Watering Zucchini Bread Recipes

For many years now, I have been growing zucchini & looking for other ways and means to make use of them aside from your usual dishes like salads and etc. So I have experimented a lot of times to get interesting dishes that feature zucchini as the main ing

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Learn to Bake Bread

Bread is one of the oldest food items around. People in the olden times lived mostly on bread & they knew how to make fresh loaves for their everyday meals. Today, people do have lots of food choices aside from bread, which is why the practice of baking o

Focaccia Bread – The Perfect Fancy Sandwich And Traditional Appetizer

Focaccia bread is a staple in classic Italian meals. It is best enjoyed with olives, herbs, tomatoes (sun-dried) and cheese. You could also eat it by itself as a meal or as an appetizer.

Make Delicious Cinnamon Raisin Bread With Your Bread Maker

Bread machines have become more & more popular lately. A lot of homes now are equipped with bread machines, especially with the growing popularity of bread as a healthier substitute for heavy meals.

Teach Your Kids How To Bake Yummy Banana Bread

Baking is definitely one good way to bond with your children.They'll have fun stirring the yummy mixtures in your bowl (and putting their finger on it too so they can lick the leftover batter).

Learn About The Basic Steps in Bread-making

Believe it or not, baking your very own homemade bread does not involve rocket science. Some people think that baking is difficult because you'd really try to follow instructions precisely so that you will get the texture and taste of your bread right. Al

Easiest Ways to Make Authentic Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread is usually included among the favorites of many bread connoisseurs around the world. Novice bakers find it difficult to capture the intense and deep flavor present in Sourdough breads. It also takes

How to Use a Bread Machine

Hints and tips on how to best use a bread machine. Nothing beats waking up to the smell of fresh bread in the morning.

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