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10 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Learn to Bake Bread

Bread is one of the oldest food items around. People in the olden times lived mostly on bread & they knew how to make fresh loaves for their everyday meals. Today, people do have lots of food choices aside from bread, which is why the practice of baking our own bread isn't as common as before.

People simply buy bread from their grocery stores and bakeries. But if you're one of those people who want more alternatives aside from those commercially-produced bread products which are loaded with preservatives, then you should definitely learn to create and bake your very own bread.

Here are some compelling reasons why you should learn bread baking:

1) Nothing beats the flavor & taste coming from that freshly baked bread straight from out of your oven. The mouth-watering taste and aroma of newly-baked bread with some butter slowly melting atop is one thing you cannot experience outside your home.

2) Homemade breads are definitely more nutritious compared to majority of commercially produced breads. The latter is filled with preservatives so that its shelf life is extended. Also, mass-produced breads are not as solid and stuffed as the homemade ones.

3) Making bread's not as expensive as it looks. The main ingredients, which are flour, yeast and salt, are very cheap and you can stock these supplies up without them creating a huge dent in your budget.

4) Lots of people find kneading dough a very relaxing experience. It lets one meditate even just for a couple of minutes without a care in the world. Also, when you're kneading dough, you would need to put all your focus on the act which lets your mind forget other things, even just for that short span of time.

5) Creating your very own bread will impress lots of people.

6) Sandwiches taste much better if they're made with homemade and freshly baked bread & it's more filling too.

7) For just a couple of dollars, you can already do something productive which you and your family can actually work on together. Baking your very own bread is one great and fun way for you to bond with family, especially with kids.

8) It can also be educational. Exploring bread recipes of other countries will let you find out certain traditions and practices that have been handed down from generations.

9) You can indulge your creative energies when baking. There's something about the feeling of dough & yeast in your very own hands that can make you feel powerful. It also makes you feel good about yourself, knowing you're able to prepare something really good for other people to enjoy and eat.

10) You can actually turn it into a business. You can sell your baked goodies to friends and relatives, who can offer it to THEIR friends and other relatives. Word-of-mouth is necessary when it comes to selling homemade food products.


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