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Corn tortillas (6-inch)

What is corn tortillas (6-inch)? About the ingredient corn tortillas (6-inch). Including 233 recipes with corn tortillas (6-inch), and where to find it.


In Mexico and Central America, a tortilla is a type of thin, unleavened flat bread, made from finely ground maize (often called "corn" in the United States). In Mexico, there are three colors of maize dough for making tortillas: white maize, yellow maize and blue maize.

The preparation of maize in an alkaline solution of mineral lime or calcium hydroxide, used in the production of flour for corn tortillas, significantly enriches the nutritional value of maize as a source of vitamins, dietary minerals and protein.

The lime water used in the process adds its own bioavailable calcium, while it also renders the B vitamins and amino acids in maize far more easily absorbable by the human digestive system.

Tortilla Making

The traditional tortilla has been made of maize corn since pre-Columbian times. It is made by curing maize in lime water in a process known as nixtamalization which causes the skin of the corn kernels to peel off (the waste material is typically fed to poultry), then grinding and pre-cooking it, kneading it into a dough called masa nixtamalera, pressing it flat into thin patties, and cooking it on a very hot comalterracotta griddle, now usually made of light sheet-metal instead). 

In Mexico, particularly in the towns and cities, corn tortillas are often made today by machine and are very thin and uniform, but in many places in the country they are still made by hand, even when the nixtamal is ground into masa by machine.

Where found

Corn tortillas (6-inch) is usually found in the mexican section or aisle of the grocery store or supermarket.

In Chinese:玉米饼(6英寸)
British (UK) term: Corn tortillas (6-inch)
en français:tortillas de maïs
en español:tortillas de maíz

Recipes using corn tortillas (6-inch)

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