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64 salmon recipes

by title that are low in fat

Polynesian Glazed Salmon

Polynesian Glazed Salmon

15 days ago


A succulent and tantalizing salmon dish made with garlic, horseradish and pure maple syrup.

Salmon with Chive And Herb Sauce

Salmon with Chive And Herb Sauce



The herb sauce was delicious and packed with flavour. However I seared the salmon in the hot skillet until nicely done, removed from the pan, then made the sauce with the remain...

Easy Smoked Salmon Sticks

Easy Smoked Salmon Sticks



Quick and easy finger food/horderves for your next party or good for any gathering. Smoked salmon wrapped around a bread stick. Easy to make and easy to serve horderve.


Baked Salmon Provencale



Baked salmon with olives that adds a sophisticated look to your dinner!


Baked Salmon with Dill



It's tasty, and an easy meal to make on a weeknight. The dill and lemon were great together.


Diabetic Salmon Patties

3 days ago


Diabetic Salmon Patties recipe

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