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2,546 pie recipes

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Creme Fraiche Pumpkin Pie

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1 day ago

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Give a classic pumpkin pie a modern twist with creme fraiche that makes the pie differently rich and delicious. Brandy is an enhancer and makes the pie taste even better with ju...

Coffee Liqueur Pecan Pie

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Coffee Liqueur Pecan Pie recipe

Devonshire Potato-Mushroom Pie

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Try this potato and mushroom savoury pie for a side dish with style.

Cream Cheese Peanut Snickers Pie

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This pie won me second place at my churches dessert contest .. Yummy

Cranberry Pear Pie

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Cranberries and pears are a great pair. They make this deliciously fruity filling, and it tastes great with the buttery and flakey pastry. It's as delicious as an apple pie.

Dear Abby's Kentucky Pecan Pie

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1 day ago

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Dear Abby's Kentucky Pecan Pie recipe

Chicken-Broccoli Pie

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This delicious and easy chicken-broccoli pie is a great way to incorporate some veggies into the meal. Kids won't say a word about the additional broccoli, because it tastes so...

Classic Pecan Pie

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30 days ago

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Classic Pecan Pie recipe

Delicious Key Lime Pie

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Delicious Key Lime Pie recipe

Classic Pumpkin Pie

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Thanksgiving Classic Pumpkin Pie

Christmas Pumpkin Pie with Rum

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1 day ago

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American Thanksgiving is coming, pumpkin pie is a classic dessert, in this recipe, use rum and molasses, the pie looks beautiful and very tasty too.

Classic Low Fat Pumpkin Pie

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1 day ago

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A classic creamy pumpkin pie that is low in fat, but without sacrificing any of the rich taste and silky texture.

Cottage Pie (or) Shepherd's Pie

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1 day ago

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A traditional British dish, Cottage pie may be made by the same method substituting lamb and lamb stock with beef and beef stock,it may also be topped with grated cheese and tom...

Dairy Free Traditional Pumpkin Pie

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Traditional pumpkin pie without the dairy.

Classic Easy Pecan Pie

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1 day ago

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Classic Pecan pie, a great fall recipe :)

Cottage Pie with Kale & Cauliflower Mash

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This delicious cottage pie recipe is so easy to make and it tastes fantastic. It’s topped with a scrummy kale and cauliflower mash that’s bursting with nutrition and full of com...

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