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174 lasagna recipes

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Lasagna Deliciousa



A rich and delicious lasagna made with italian sausage, ground beef and a variety of scrumptious cheeses.

Lasagna from Tony's at Disney World



A tasty and scrumptious lasagna made with ground beef and a variety of spices and cheese which gives it a rich taste.

Broccoli Lasagna



A scrumptious lasagna that's made with tomato sauce, broccoli florets and cottage cheese.

Easy Classic Lasagna



When in a hurry to make dinner for the family, try this scrumptious dish that doesn't take long to make!

Seafood Lasagna



Try something new in the kitchen with this succulent dish that will have everyone asking for a second helping.

Crockpot Pizza/Lasagna



Don't let your crockpot collect dust. Instead use it to create this cheesy, scrumptious dish that is bound to be your family's favorite.

World's Best Low-Fat Low-Cal Lasagna



Make the world's best lasagna that's both healthy and tantalizing when it comes to flavor.

Almost Vegan Lasagna



Treat your family to this succulent and scrumptious lasagna that's fun to make and eat!

Southwestern Vegetable Lasagna



A delicious lasagna dish that's packed with fresh spring vegetables. Use corn tortillas instead of the traditional lasagna noodles to make it a healthy yet tasty meal.

Northern Italian Style Lasagna



Rich and creamy. A family favorite.

Amazing Vegetarian Lasagna



Great way to enjoy a variety of vegetables.

So Yummy Vegetarian lasagna



This eggplant, pumpkin and spinach vegie lasagna is a fair bit of work and takes a while - but it is absolutly worth every bit of effort. It tastes wonderful and is really healt...

The #1 Lasagna Recipe



I have tried many different Lasagna recipes over the years. This is the culmination of all that trial and error, a wonderful recipe that needs to be shared with the world. The i...

Mom's Favourite Lasagna



Nita Childress - Family Recipe

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