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2,429 bread recipes

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Massa Sovada (Portuguese Sweet Bread)



Enjoy this Portuguese favorite that can be served plain or with any type of spread.

Naan For Breadmaker



A simple recipe to make the Indian flat bread using a bread machine.

Sourdough Honey Whole Wheat Bread



A rich and crusty bread that's easy to make with this tasty recipe that's stress-free.

Spinach Bread (Bisquick)



This tasty bread made with bisquik and mozzarella cheese tastes amazing plain or toasted.

Irish Brown Bread #2 Monica Sheridan



A great bread, you can serve it with a cup of coffee or tea, or it can be served with any main course.

No Knead Italian Whole Wheat Bread



Simply delicious no knead whole wheat bread.

Lentil Chili Topped with Cornbread



It's a delicious meal that's also packed with good-for-you ingredients. A very flavourful lentil chili is topped with cornbread. Enjoy.

San Francisco Firehouse Bread



An interesting way to make bread, and it actually makes great flavor and texture bread.

Indian Spiced Potato Stuffed Bread



These flavorful Indian stuffed bread goes deliciously well with chutney and raita, or any Indian main course.

Jalapeno, Cheese, Sour Cream Bread



A delicious bread is made with jalapeno, mozzarella cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, sour cream, cumin and chives. It's soft in the inside and nicely browned on the outside. It's p...

Olive Oat Bran Bread



This whole wheat oat bran bread is fluffy and soft in the inside, golden, brown and crusty on the outside. It has a delicious tang from black olives, oat bran also adds some nut...

Makkai ki roti (Griddle-Cooked Corn Flatbread)



It is a simple to make corn flatbread, and it can be severed as a side-dish or appetizer with some sauce or dip.

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