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67 swiss chard recipes


African Vegetable Stew



A spicy vegetable stew - easy to make. Some find that the flavors of the vegetables don't stand out unless you put in a lot of tabasco. But not everyone likes it hot. Just add ...

Vegetable Mafe



A spicy and delicious sauce made of potatoes, carrots and cabbage that is excellent over rice.

Vegan Loaded Vegetable Lasagne



Vegan Loaded Vegetable Lasagne recipe

Ratatouille Quiche



Assorted fresh garden vegetables, eggs and cream make this quiche tasty, refreshing and packed with flavors. Not only delicious, but also good for you.

Green Cotechino Sausage - Verde



This homemade sausage has a wonderful texture and outstanding flavor with a slight greenish tinge from the swiss chard and kicked up a notch with Frangelico liquor.

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