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Addictions You Develop When You Commit to a Healthy Lifestyle

Once you commit to a healthy lifestyle, many things will change. Old habits will become a thing of the past, and you might even find that there are new habits that become almost like addictions, or things you just can’t imagine living without. Here is a list of some of the new changes you might find and cravings you might develop, based on a study published in PLOS One.

1. You sound like a fitness instructor.

You may find that you are repeating workout mantras throughout your day and getting new words into your vocabulary. Work it!

2. You drink water like you breathe air.

You can’t believe how much water you consume, and every time you take a sip, you can’t seem to get enough.

3. You begin to get out of bed before the sun comes up.

You no longer hit the snooze button, instead you find yourself popping out of bed and heading for the gym before dawn.

4. You can’t get enough kale.

This green leafy veggie is not just trendy, it is delicious. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop.

5. You look forward to feeling sore.

You recognize that the “good” sore means you had a great workout.

6. You learn about dry shampoo.

You don’t worry so much about grabbing a shower after a workout, and you learn how to wipe yourself down and use dry shampoo to get by.

7. You post pictures of your meals on social media.

You become “that” person. #enoughsaid.

8. You keep track of your movements all day long.

You invest in a pedometer that measures your steps even when you are not measuring how far or how fast you have run. You set higher goals each week and don’t rest until you reach them.

9. Your blender becomes your favourite appliance.

You can no longer make it through the day without using your blender to make a fruit or vegetable smoothie.

10. You listen to the same music that they play at the gym.

You may have never even liked the kind of music that they pipe into the gym or play during your exercise classes, but you now find that you are listening to this type of music all the time.

New habits come with changes, and when you adopt a healthy lifestyle, you will find that you have new cravings, too. Forget about dying for pizza or chocolate, and bring on the kale smoothie!