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Poultry recipe collection

Anne's Chicken For Crock Pot

about 4 hours ago

1.23 k

A scrumptious chicken dish that can easily be made with your cooking sidekick, the crockpot.

Apricot Chicken Thighs

3 days ago


Add a new fruity taste to dinner with this scrumptious dish that gets its amazing flavor from apricot nectar and dry sherry.

Asparagus Chicken Mousse with Orange Butter

15 days ago


Sophisticated presentation and awfully tasty. Chicken and asparagus mousse, decorated with asparagus tips and served with an orange butter.

Audrey's Oriental Chicken



Very fine chicken. I wouldn't call it oriental but it's not a problem. Quite good over rice with dry fried black sesame seeds. Thanks for my tasty lunch.. :)

Authentic Butter Chicken



This authentic Indian butter chicken recipe saves time using cooked chicken enveloped in an incredibly creamy authentic homemade curry sauce.

Avocado Relish

6 days ago


Avocado Relish recipe

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites


1.02 k

This is based on a delicious Paula Deen chicken recipe. Very yummy using only 4 simple ingredients.

Baked Butter Chicken



Similar to Chicken Tikka Masala this traditional Indian butter chicken recipe is one of the most popular curries at any Indian restaurant around the world. Butter Chicken is qu...

Baked Chicken Breast Casserole

about 8 hours ago

3.07 k

An easy and tasty chicken casserole that's also loaded with chunks of vegetables.

Baked Chicken Murphy

about 3 hours ago

3.07 k

Delicious and easy to make. Chunks of chickens, sausages, and fresh veggies are cooked with stewed tomatoes, which makes lots of tasty sauce. Serve it over a bed of rice or spag...

Baked Garlic Chicken Legs



Spice up your dinner with this succulent dish that will have you licking your lips and fingers.

Barbecued Chicken Legs



Barbecued Chicken Legs recipe

Basic Poached Chicken Breasts

1 day ago


Good for a low-fat diet or when you need to prepare cooked chicken for use in another recipe.

Bbq Meatloaf Aussie Style



Aussie style meatloaf that's packed with flavour.

Best Cheesy Chicken Chowder

7 days ago


Best Cheesy Chicken Chowder recipe

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