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Top 20 Pancake recipes

Betty Crocker Pancakes

about 21 hours ago

16.2 k

This is the Betty Crocker pancake recipe, from the 6th Edition Betty Crocker Cookbook, to make pancakes from scratch.

American Style Flapjacks/Pancakes

27 minutes ago

9.4 k

Great, very easy recipe. I'm a horrible cook, but this was so simple and so delicious, that now I can't figure out for the life of me what is the point of pancake mix?

Apfelpfannkuchen (German Apple Pancakes)

about 4 hours ago

4.17 k

Change the way your pancakes look with this recipe that uses apples and nutmeg to give it a scrumptious taste.

Oven Baked German Pancakes


2.95 k

A German take on pancakes. Very flexible, toss in some apples or other fruit and your children or hubby will love you.

Hot Cakes

about 2 hours ago

3.75 k

Hot Cakes recipe

Biscuit Baking Mix Recipes...Quick Crepes

about 5 hours ago

1.83 k

If you love crepes but don't have the time to make them, try this simple recipe that will become your new favorite!

Alaska Sourdough Pancakes

about 19 hours ago

1.25 k

Alaska Sourdough Pancakes recipe

Sour Cream Belgian Waffles

1 day ago

1.18 k

Sour Cream Belgian Waffles recipe

Better Homes and Garden's Waffles

18 days ago


Better Homes and Garden's Waffles recipe

Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes



Love the combination of buckwheat and whole wheat flour. These pancakes are not too sweet, buttermilk and milk add some creaminess. Blueberries give the extra zing, absolutely ...

Easy French Pancakes

about 9 hours ago


Easy French Pancakes recipe


1 day ago


Classic pancakes perfect for Sunday breakfast with real maple syrup.

Potato Pancake Bread (Lompe)

1 day ago


This excellent soft pancake wrapper, easily made at home, is eaten in Norway with butter and 'geitost' cheese, or used to wrap delicious little morsels of smoked ham, 'fenalar...

Favorite German Apple Pancake



A rich version of German apple pancake. Half and half adds the richness, using more apples than usual really highlights the apple flavor, and cinnamon gives the extra warmness. ...

Beet Pancakes with Yogurt Dill Sauce



This is an excellent way to prepare beets. Reminiscent of potato pancakes, shredded beets and carrots are mixed with eggs and then cooked in a skillet until crispy on the outsi...

Breakfast Sour Milk Waffles



Breakfast Sour Milk Waffles recipe

Oatmeal Pancakes

4 days ago


Oatmeal Pancakes recipe

Sweet Potato Pancakes



Sweet Potato Pancakes recipe

Belgian Club Soda Waffles

1 day ago


Belgian Club Soda Waffles recipe

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