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Indian recipe collection

Creamy Shrimp Curry



Make this creamy yet tasty shrimp curry for dinner, serve it with some steamed rice, top with yogurt, and/or some toasted cashew nuts, raisins, cilantros or scallions.

Easy Chicken Curry



This easy version of chicken curry tastes delicious, and it only takes you about 25 minutes from the start to the finish.

Aam Chutney (Pineapple-Chile Chutney)



Sweet, sour and spicy, this delicious pineapple-chile chutney is packed with flavors. Serve it as a side dish with any Indian main course.


8 days ago


A simple and scrumptious dish made with rice, green and red lentils and grated coconut.

Adai (Savory Indian Pancakes)



These pancakes are low in fat and loaded with protein from the lentils AKA dhals. Not to mention quite tasty.

Almost Indian Chicken



An easy no-fuss curry chicken but without the fat of a traditional curry chicken. Pop this in the slow cooker or crockpot and serve with some rice.

Aluwala Roti



Aluwala Roti recipe

Andy's Murgh Kurma (Chicken Curry)



A simple chicken curry.

Authentic Butter Chicken



This authentic Indian butter chicken recipe saves time using cooked chicken enveloped in an incredibly creamy authentic homemade curry sauce.

Baked Butter Chicken



Similar to Chicken Tikka Masala this traditional Indian butter chicken recipe is one of the most popular curries at any Indian restaurant around the world. Butter Chicken is qu...

Bbq Meatloaf Aussie Style



Aussie style meatloaf that's packed with flavour.

Best Chicken Curry

23 days ago


Curry your chicken with this scrumptious dish that will invite a delicious aroma into your home.

Biryani Rice

7 days ago


A scrumptious rice dish that's simple made with basmati rice. Tastes great alone or with any kind of meat you like.

Biryani Rice Recipe

14 days ago


Borani Esfanaj (Spinach-Yogurt Salad or Dip)

19 days ago


Spinach yogurt dip with a touch of kick. Musky and sweet spices compliment the spinach and tangy yogurt.

Buttermilk Naan Bread

24 days ago


Buttermilk Naan Bread recipe

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