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Top 20 Indian recipes


about 10 hours ago

6.77 k

Thin Indian crispy cracker or flatbread. Typically served as an appetizer to an Indian meal. It can also be eaten as a snack and can be topped with chopped onions, peppers, chut...

Tamarind Paste

11 days ago

1.79 k

Using fresh Tamarind pods make your own fresh homemade tamarind paste. You can use it in Indian cooking, Thai, Jamaican and Mexican. Add a spoonful to flavor curry, soups or e...

Butternut, Chickpea and Lentil Curry

7 days ago

1.75 k

This North Indian curry is scrumptious, full of protein, fibre and Irion, packed with flavor. Enjoy this delicious and nutritious dish with some naan or crusty bread.

Navajo and Pueblo Indian Fry Bread


1.33 k

I have made lots of yeast based naan bread, and finally gave these fry bread a go. It was like a quick version of naan bread, but still had great flavour and texture. I guess wh...

Crab Broccoli Casserole

about 14 hours ago

1.2 k

Crab Broccoli Casserole recipe

Tamarind Sauce


1.29 k

Tamarind Sauce recipe

Mixed Vegetables Jaipur Style (Sabji Jaipuri)

4 days ago

1.03 k

This makes a delicious and colorful vegetarian entree.

Buttermilk Naan Bread

1 day ago


Buttermilk Naan Bread recipe

Cucumber Yogurt Sauce Indian - Raita



Creamy and cool. Great with any spicy food to cool the palate. Traditionally served at almost any East Indian meal raita is an everyday staple.

Sri Lanka Peegudhu (Liver Curry)



Sri Lanka Peegudhu (Liver Curry) recipe

Burger Mix (Vegetarian)



A tasty make ahead vegetarian burger mix. Make in advance and have vege burgers ready in a flash for a quick and healthy snack or meal.

Cabbage Cucumber Salad with Tamarind Dressing



A quick, easy and delicious salad. Cucumber, mang bean sprouts and cabbage were crunchy and juicy. lemon, yogurt and tamarind dressing was creamy and refreshing. A delicious dish.

Fried Cabbage

1 day ago


Fried Cabbage recipe

Beet Greens with Indian Spices

12 days ago


Any tender green can be used in this recipe. Wilted and sautéed greens are brightened with Indian spices with a touch of creaminess.

Curried Ham and Rice

6 days ago


Chicken Roti

about 19 hours ago


Chicken Roti recipe

Naan (Indian Flat Bread)



Wow, these freshly-baked naan breads are absolutely delicious, you have to make your own, there is no question at this point.

Indian Sweets Recipe –Motichoor Laddoo

about 5 hours ago


Freedom Sunflower Oil for deep frying your favourite Boondi-laddoo is light, clear & less absorbing!

Biryani Rice Recipe

20 days ago


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