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Indian recipe collection

Mango Chutney #1




Mustard Seed and Papaya Chutney



A sweet and savory chutney perfect for veggie burgers or on the side along with curries.

Paneer Tikka



A marinated paneer with Indian spices.




Little crisp round shaped spiced Indian crackers made from wheat flour are baked in the oven to add to the extra nutrition. The little crispies are use in chaats like Bhel Puri,...

Quick & Easy Cucumber Raita



Cucumber raita is one common side-dish in Indian meal. Its refreshing and creamy taste brings a wonderful balance to the always-spicy main course. This easy and tasty cucumber r...

Roasted Curried Cauliflower



Just made this roasted curried cauliflower for lunch, and it was very tasty. Loved how sweet the onions came out after the roasting with the strong caramelized flavor as well, y...

Saagwalla Dhal



This is the other dhal we made yesterday, when the cooking was close to the end, added some spinach that was cooked with garlic, dried hot chili peppers and mustard seeds, which...

Shrimp in Coconut Milk

6 days ago


A succulent shrimp dish that's made with coconut milk and red chili peppers and cooked to perfection.

Spiced Kale and Chickpeas



Quick, easy and tasty! Serve it with naan bread, or steamed rice. Kale and chickpeas add varieties of nutrients, and the combination of the spices give lots of flavors as well. ...

Star Anise and Date Masala Spiced Chickpeas

20 days ago


An Indian inspired recipe is full of flavor, a great side dish with some grilled meat.

Stuffed Rava/Sooji idli

19 days ago


Here's a delicious, quite filling idli recipe that can be enjoyed as a snack or the main dish. Learn how to make stuffed idli. So here's a colourful idli recipe that's packed wi...

Tamatar Bhat (Tomato Rice Pilaf)



Fresh or in a pinch canned tomatoes add depth to the rice in this fluffy pilaf. A great side dish and I usually finish cooking the rice using my rice cooker while I'm busy watch...

Vegetable Biryani

10 days ago


Our Indian-Tibetan friend came to our place this past Monday, this vegetarian biryani recipe was the main dish we made for him. It was quite flavorful and tasty, he certainly en...

Yogurt Naan



These scrumptious breads are the perfect side dish for any heart East Indian meal.

Yogurt-Curry Chicken



If you're a fan of combining wonderful flavors you will love this succulent dish that makes a great quick dinner.

Lentil Bobotie



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