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Dinner recipe collection

Chickpea Stew Vegan Style



This Hearty Lebanese Inspired Stew Is Delicious! ..Even More Healthier Made Vegan! It's Filling And The Cumin In The Chickpeas Add Great Flavor!! Excellent Source Of Protein Fro...

Homemade Onion Soup



Rich In Flavor!! This Onion Soup is excellent on a chilly afternoon!!

Open-face Grilled Portobello Sandwiches with Parsley-Basil Goat Cheese

28 days ago


Grilled marinated portobello is tender, juicy and flavorful. Place it on the sandwich bread, and a delicious meatless sandwich. Toss some fresh mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, an...

Spicy Green Pepper Honey Dijon Chicken

6 days ago


Paleo friendly sweet/spicy chicken

Vegan Chowder



I Love This Chowder!! ..It’s Rich And Creamy... And Excellent In Flavor!! Along With Being Tasty It’s Also Healthy!!

Braised Fennel With Onions And Red Potatoes

28 days ago


With It's Wonderful Smell Of Licorice And It's Fresh Sweet Taste.. This Braised Fennel Is Very Tasteful!!

Broccoli, Mushroom and Sun-Dried Tomato Tortilla Pizza

28 days ago


Make this tortilla pizza for a quick yet delicious lunch or supper. It's spread with basil pesto, sprinkled with mozzarella cheese, topped with broccoli, green bell pepper, mu...

Broiled Tofu With Cilantro Pesto

28 days ago


This Tofu Gets It's Brillant Color and Delightful Flavor From An Easy Cilantro Pesto And Lime Juice!! Great Side Dish!!

Caramelized Onion Pork Chops with Deep Fried Asparagus and Mashed Potatoes

22 days ago


A flavorful twist on pork chops that will have you hungry for more.

Creamy Fennel Soup

22 days ago


This Delicious Creamy Soup Is Delightful And Refreshing To Taste!!! A Must Try!!

Crustless Bacon and Egg Quiche

28 days ago


An easy, tasty bacon and egg quiche is a perfect breakfast to start you day, or an ideal dinner on a busy week day.

Delicious Tuna Melt Sandwiches with Swiss Cheese and Apple

14 天 ago


Inspired by Cat Caro's recipe, we made a few changes in our version. These deliciously filling sandwiches are also loaded with good-for-you ingredients. Perfect for a quick-fix...

Easy Hot Italian Subs

22 days ago


A classic deli sandwich. Could also serve this cold, but the melted cheeses make it.

Grilled Cuban Sandwich

28 days ago


A delicious grilled Cuban sandwich is perfect for a quick and easy week day dinner.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin and Onion Marmalade Sandwich

28 days ago


Use your leftover grilled pork tenderloin and onion marmalade to make this delicious and filling sandwich within no time.

Grilled Sausage Sandwiches with Tomato Jam and Sauerkraut

28 days ago


Grilled sausage, homemade tomato jam and sauerkraut make this sandwich a winner. Enjoy the smoky, sweet and sour flavors all in one bite, and it's a great change from hot dog!

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