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Dinner recipe collection

Skillet Honey and Sage Cornbread



Use a skillet to make this moist and tasty corn bread that is loaded with the fragrance from the sage and honey!

Spicy Green Pepper Honey Dijon Chicken



Paleo friendly sweet/spicy chicken

Stuffed Peppers



Stuffed peppers made with ginger rice, topped with aged sharp cheddar and tomato sauce.

Superb Spaghetti Sauce



A very simple, yummy spaghetti recipe for anyone to make or enjoy! Serving sizes are half a cup each.

The #1 Lasagna Recipe



I have tried many different Lasagna recipes over the years. This is the culmination of all that trial and error, a wonderful recipe that needs to be shared with the world. The i...

Turkey with Apricot Chardonnay Glaze



A delicious recipe for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

Matt Gelsinger Gnocchi



Made by for Test Your Tastebuds (10/13/2011)

A Nice Easy Garlic Chicken



It can't get much easier than this, sprinkle chicken breasts with seasoning and cook. A quick and easy meal for those picky eaters.

Beef Stew Casserole



Great for a cold day.

Beef with Asparagus



Beef with Asparagus recipe

Best Monte Cristo Sandwich in The World



This is the best Monte Cristo sandwich in the world... and I don't just mean Disneyworld. It seems complicated but believe is well worth the effort. Make each item in the...

Cheeseburger Crescent Rolls



An easy to make favorite that goes over well with kids and adults!

Cheesy Chicken with Mushroom



Cheesy Chicken with Mushroom recipe

Chicken Kiev (Easy Version)



Easy Chicken recipe, easy foe me to make and less time consuming than traditional Chicken Kiev.

Chicken Velvet

4 days ago


Egg whites omelete that has minced chicken breast in, is cooked in a hot wok until the omelete is set and the chicken is cooked. It can be a light, tasty yet nutritious brunch o...

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