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Cranberry recipe collection

Autumn Quick Bread



Three delicious autumn quick breads are made with same bread base but different fillings. They are all super moist and tasty, and they don't last long in our house.

Berry Almond Bundt Cake



Berry Almond Bundt Cake recipe

Christmas Morning Cranberry Muffins

10 days ago

1.03 k

A special treat that could be used as a quick breakfast on Christmas Day or as a snack during the holidays.

Citrus Cranberry Raspberry Preserves



Cranberry-Raspberry Preserves recipe

Cooked Cranberry-Orange Relish

4 days ago

4.28 k

This homemade cranberry sauce is better than anything you get from a can!

Cranberry Apple Preserves



This tasty recipe made with creme de cassis is a perfect side dish for a Thanksgiving dinner. It will sure make your grandmother proud!

Cranberry Applesauce Muffins



Cranberries make this low-fat, healthy muffins a treat.

Cranberry Muffins with Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds

9 天 ago


Cranberries and seeds give muffins fresh and nutty flavour, quick and easy to make, and absolutely delicious!

Cranberry Nut Bundt Cake



Cranberry Bundt Cake recipe

Cranberry Orange Biscotti



Cranberry Orange Biscotti recipe

Cranberry Orange Chutney



Cranberry Chutney recipe

Cranberry Orange Coconut Flour Bread



A cranberry orange quick-bread made with coconut flour.

Cranberry Orange Cookies



It is one of the best cookies I've ever baked, all my families enjoy them so much! This will certainly be a family favourite!

Cranberry Orange Muffins



Excellent, absolutely a good way to use up the leftover cranberry sauce, and honey works very well with other ingredients; love the nutty flavor from whole wheat flour and bran,...

Cranberry, Apple and Pear Sauce



Cranberry, apple and pear, sour and sweet, this is a great sauce to be served with latkes, pork or even turkey.

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