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Bar recipe collection

Delicious Lemon Squares



These squares have a great lemon taste and look so good on a dessert tray. I found the recipe on The Pampered Chef card and they sounded so good I had to try them, I think every...

Delicious Peanut Butter Swirl Bars



These bars are very pretty with their dark chocolate swirls throughout. The dessert is a sweet treat to any lunch-bucket meal.

Diabetic Mocha Cookies



Coffee lovers will enjoy these scrumptious cookies that are perfect for that coffee break at work!

Double Quick Pumpkin Bars



These scrumptious snacks are perfect for a snack at work or after a long jog around the neighborhood.

Easy and Yummy Lime Squares



Easy and Yummy Lime Squares recipe

Easy Chocolate Cereal Sandwiches



Easy Chocolate Cereal Sandwiches recipe

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