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12 chicken finger recipes


Sesame Chicken Fingers



Super quick, and fuss-free. Loved the idea of using parmesan and sesame seeds, also added some garlic powder and black pepper to give the chicken fingers more flavor. I used equ...

Baked Parmesan Chicken Fingers (Low Fat)



This crispy crunchy are baked in the oven and to add moist juicy flavor the chicken strips are soaked in a buttermilk marinade. There is then no need for egg and no need for fr...

Nutty Chicken Fingers



Super quick and easy to make, and these chicken fingers came out delicious. The aroma during the cooking made the whole house smell great...

Spanish chicken



Chicken with fresh tomatoes,herbs,black olives, mushrooms,bell peppers,onions,and garlic,served over brown rice. Wonderful fresh taste.

Sticky Fingers Like Wingers



Chicken-sticky fingers

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