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Hoisin sauce

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112 recipes

Chinese Beef Stew

about 10 hours ago

10.9 k

Chunks of beef slowly braised in an authentic Chinese manner. Nearly any tough cut of beef can be made magically tender and flavorful with this technique.

Easy Sesame Chicken Bites

3 days ago

2.47 k

Juicy bites of sesame chicken that's super quick and easy to make. Serve with rice if desired.

Hoisin Chicken Stir Fry

6 days ago

1.52 k

Why Chinese stir-fry is popular, not only it's quick and easy to make, but also packed with delicious flavor. The Chinese ingredients in this recipe should be easily found in a...

Hoisin-Sesame Sauce

1 day ago


Rich and dense sauce that's perfect for shrimp, scallops or salmon.

Asian Salisbury Steaks & Watercress



A refreshing twist on classic Salisbury steaks. The added sweet red bell pepper, scallions and ginger really boost the flavor of the steak. The watercress gives a nutritional b...

Chinese Vegetable Stir-Fry

11 days ago


Quick, easy and tasty, nothing is quite like a Chinese stir-fry. This dish has several kinds of vegetables and soy-sesame sauce that are stir-fried together. Serve it over a b...

Garlic, Shrimp, and Vegetable Stir-Fry

about 12 hours ago


Shrimp are stir fried with fresh vegetables and Chinese stir-fry sauce. Serve it with rice to make a complete meal. Quick, easy, tasty and packed with goodness.

Sugar Snap Pea, Shiitake and Tofu Stir-Fry



Make this easy, tasty and light stir-fry for a quick week-night meal with a bowl of steamed rice or a few slices of bread.

Absolute Best Chinese Sticky Ribs



These ribs were the most delicious Chinese ribs ever. So much more meaty, juicy and tender than Chinese take-out. Give it a go, and you will be pleased.

Asian Asparagus and Tofu Stir-Fry

13 days ago


This refreshing, quick and easy stir-fry satisfy your stomach within a few minutes, serve it with rice, quinoa or any your favorite cooked grain.

Authentic General Tso's Chicken

12 days ago


This quick and tasty Tso's chicken is one of the most popular foods in Chinese restaurant or take-out. But when you realize how simple the dish is, you can just make it at your...

Cantonese Barbecue Pork



Cantonese Barbecue Pork recipe

Heart Healthy Asian Turkey Hamburgers

4 days ago


Heart Healthy Asian Turkey Hamburgers recipe

Orange-Hoisin Glazed Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

7 days ago

1.78 k

The chicken breasts came out juicy, tender and tasty. Sweet, sour and salty orange marmalade - hoisin glaze added a layer of great flavor. Sugar snap peas and carrots were a pe...

Stir Fry Beef and Bok Choy with Noodles

5 days ago


Why ordering take-out, if you can make a delicious beef and bok-choy stir-fry within no time.