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31 brie cheese recipes

A cow's milk cheese originating in Ile-de-France. It has a very soft texture and a springy texture to the touch. It is light yellow in color and has a delicate flavor and a bouquet that varies in strength depending on the variety.

Traditionally, Brie is served towards the end of a meal but is suitable for many other savory uses such as in vol-au-vents, croquettes and canapes. It is delicious simply spread on good crusty French bread.

Heating it gently inside phyllo pastry has become popular at parties in North America and results in a decadent ooey gooey delicious dip.


Apple-Brie Cheese Omelet



Apple and brie cheese make this omelet incredibly creamy and delicious.

Brie and Bacon Omelet



Wow this was fabulous. The brie melts so beautifully inside the omelette. Super creamy with bits of salty chewy bacon and crunchy nuts created layers of textures. I used walnuts...

California Quesadillas



Made this California quesadillas for breakfast this morning. It came out surprisingly delicious. As the photos show, they came out cheesy, oozy but not too sweet. The sweetness ...

Caramel, Date, & Pecan Topped Brie



This recipe comes from Lynne Kaplan, a chef who owns the Victoria House Bed & Breakfast in Spring Lake, NJ. For a gourmet B&B check them out at

Baby Brie® Caramelized Pepper and Onion Pizza Recipe



This is a great recipe for a quick, easy lunch or lovely enough for a nice appetizer during your next dinner party!




An amazing Appetizer. Quick and Easy to Prepare. Always a Hit with your Guests.

Alouette Baby Brie Wedge in Phyllo



Baby brie wedge is just perfect for entertaining! The warm, creamy brie combines just perfectly with the crisp, buttery dough.

Brie Baked Mashed Potatoes



Mixing brie with the mashed potatoes adds an incredibly creamy and rich taste. Baked in the oven adds a nice crisp crust on top.

Baked Brie



A simple baked Brie with honey in puff pastry.

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