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452 bar recipes


Awesome Butterfinger Cookies



Butterfinger Cookies recipe

Best Cookie Ever



This best cookie recipe has it all—two kinds of chocolate, nuts, and oatmeal perfectly balanced into an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie that wins contests.

Snackin' Granola Bars



Instead of store-bought granola bars, make your own bars. They can be a yummy snack or a grap-go breakfast.

Awesome Holiday Fruit Bars



Awesome Holiday Fruit Bars recipe

Cream Candy Bar and Peanut Butter Pie



Candy Bar Pie recipe

Sameena's Cranberry Bliss Bars



At a retirement party for a school district friend, I had the opportunity to taste a very delicious dessert bar. Sameena has shared this tasty recipe and I hope you enjoy it as...

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