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340 apple pie recipes

As American as apple pie and the legendary Johnny Appleseed. Out of about 15,000 apple varieties worldwide over 1/2 of them are from the US. The American Delicious apple and it's varieties accounts for over 1/2 of the apples sold worldwide. But for pies, the Granny Smith and Golden delicious, with their firm flesh are favorites.


Apple Pie - French *Low-Fat*



Try making the French version of apple pie that's both scrumptious and healthy for you.

Best Apple Almond Pie



Apple Almond Pie recipe

Norwegian Apple Pie for Two



Forget Dutch apple pie and go Norwegian instead. This easy apple pie recipe is quick; as in ready in 30 minutes, all in one-pan quick. Add a scoop of ice cream while it's stil...

Drunken Apple/Pumpkin Pie



Drunken Apple/Pumpkin Pie recipe

Grandma's Apple Pie



I use McIntosh or a combination of McIntosh & Cortlands as my family and I prefer a softer apple filling that holds together (I NEVER use Granny Smiths)...

Amish Apple Pie



I made this because it sounded soooo good! It was delicious. And those in my family that tried it really liked it too!

Apple Blueberry Crumble Pie



Fruity, buttery and crunchy! Really enjoyed and loved this pie. Blueberries and apples are absolute a good pair. A great summer pie, having it as the final touch of the meal is ...

Apple Grape Berry Pie



Juicy apples, grapes and raspberry jam make a delicious pie that everyone asks for a second slice.

Best Apple Crumble Pie



Apple Crumble Pie recipe

Cooked Apple Pie Filling



Easy homemade apple pie filling recipe that's much more delicious than canned. If you're wondering how to make apple pie filling... look no further!

Almost Perfect Apple Pie



I have made 3 of these-all turned out perfect!!!

Low Fat Apple Ricotta Pie



This apple ricotta pie turned out delicious. I used homemade granola instead of the cereal, and it is much lower in fat and calories. Still tasted wonderful.

Apple Grape Berry Pie (Healthier Version)



Instead of store-bought pie crust, we made our own with most whole wheat flour and olive oil, which made the crust a lot healthier with flaky texture and delicious flavor. Now e...

Applesauce Pie



Made with store-bought or leftover homemade applesauce, this pie is exceptionally easy to prepare.

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Apple pie Tips

Apple Varieties

Chart describing various apple varieties with shape, color, skin, texture and taste.

What is acidulated water?

How to stop apple slices going brown? Acidulated water to the rescue. A number of fruits and vegetables such as apples, avocado, artichokes and potatoes start turning brown when peeled and their flesh is exposed to air.

Peel Out

Numerous fruits and vegetables are peeled for a variety of reasons. Some must be peeled in order to be palatable, such as celery root or pineapple. Others have edible

Comfort Food

The other day I was at the office of a well known shipping company furious at their failure to locate my package. Finally my patience had reached its end and I stormed out empty handed. Angry and hungry, I made my way to a nearby

The Big Apple

The apple is one of the most ubiquitous foods in the annals of mankind. Few foods are as prevalent in our history, mythology, and psychosocial culture as the

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