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272 20 minute chicken recipes

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Chicken Fried Rice

This quick, easy yet tasty chicken fried rice is perfect for a weeknight one-pot meal.

Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Make a quick lunch a delicious one with these sandwiches that are easy to make!

Fresh Herbed Chicken Breasts

Another easy way to enjoy chicken, chicken breasts are cooked with fresh herb, very great.

Al's Chicken Schnitzel

Costs about $10 to serve a family since adult can have 2 halfs with mashed potato and mini carrots etc and children can have 1. This is my first Recipe so here goes.

Akin Back Farm's Pasta Blue

A succulent dish made with chicken breasts, spinach, ziti pasta and gorgonzola cheese.

Ten Minute Sichuan Chicken

Easy Asian chicken dinner in 10 minute flat.

Almond Crumb Chicken

Make your appetite crumble with this scrumptious chicken dish that's easy to make.

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