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Urad dall

What is urad dall? About the ingredient urad dall. Including 12 recipes with urad dall.


These lentil-like beans have black skins covering creamy white interiors. Whole urad dal derive their strong, earthy flavor from the black skins and are often used in curries. Split urad dal retain the skins and also have a strong flavor. Skinned and split urad dal are creamy white and slightly bland.

Season: Available all the year

Substitutions: 1. Mung Beans 

                        2. Azuki Beans

                        3. Pigeon Peas

In Chinese:乌拉特达尔
British (UK) term: Urad dall
en français:urad dall
en español:urad de dall

Recipes using urad dall

There are 12 recipes that contain this ingredient.

Dahi Bhalley
Urad Dal Ki Roti

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