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55 tofu recipes

that are low in fat


Tofu Potato Salad with Dill



A delicious variation of potato salad made with soft tofu, soy sauce and parsley leaves.

Tofu Quiche (Lacto Ovo)



A cheesy and flavorful vegetarian quiche is made of cheese, yogurt, tofu and assorted vegetables. If you don't have egg substitute, use eggs instead.

Tofu Caesar Salad Dressing



A low fat Caesar salad dressing.

Tofu Kebabs



Tofu-Noodle Lettuce Wraps



Delicious and nutritious wraps are perfect party food especially when you have vegetarian friends or family members showing up.

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Tofu Tips

How to Make Tofu

Making tofu can be an interesting challenge. The price of soybeans and nigari is negligible, but making tofu does take time and is painstaking. This process has been done by hand for centuries, beginning early each morning. Only someone who has made th

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