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144 vinaigrette recipes

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Sauteed Shrimp Over Arugula With Avocado Vinaigrette



young arugula is used for salads and the spicier older arugula for cooking. Below are two recipes featuring both types of arugula.

Roasted Rack Of Lamb With Fresh Mint Balsamic vinaigrette



Delicious lamb dish with a fresh twist

Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette



An easy raspberry walnut dressing.

Raspberry and Walnut Vinaigrette



Why buy salad dressing when it's easy to make your own, here's a Raspberry Walnut dressing that can be made ahead and is ready when you are. Makes about two cups of dressing.

Roasted Green Beans and Potato Salad with Radicchio and Light Vinaigrette



Roasting vegetables can develop tons of flavor, tossed with a light and tasty vinaigrette and some fresh and crunchy radicchio, a light and flavorful salad on your table.

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