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258 ice cream recipes

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Ben and Jerry's Cantaloupe Ice Cream

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This homemade cantaloupe ice cream will for sure make you keep coming back to scoop out more. This fruity and creamy ice cream is a winner at any occasion.

Ben and Jerry's Fresh Georgia Peach Ice Cream

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Ben and Jerry's Fresh Georgia Peach Ice Cream recipe

Ben and Jerry's Orange Cream Dream Ice Cream

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Ben and Jerry's Orange Cream Dream Ice Cream recipe

Blackberry Lemon Ice Cream

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Blackberry Lemon Ice Cream recipe

Mango Ice-Cream

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Mango Ice-Cream recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream recipe

Ben & Jerry's Sweet Ice Cream Base

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6 days ago

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A very creamy and rich ice cream with 25% butterfat. Store in a deep freezer for best results.

Baked Creamy Rice Pudding

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6 days ago

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Creamy, smooth and light. It's an easy yet delicious pudding that ends the meal with an abundance of joy.

Candy Cane Ice Cream

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What's for dessert at Christmas day? How about some homemade candy cane ice cream? It's made of low-fat milk, egg yolks and crushed candy cane. It's creamy and silky, crushed ca...

Baby Peppers Stuffed with Spiced Cream Cheese

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Sweet baby bell peppers stuffed with a slightly spicy and garlicky mix of cream and jack cheese. Fairly easy to prep and only 10 minutes cooking time.

Chocolate Fresh Mint Ice Cream

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Store-bought ice cream can never beat homemade ice cream, such as this chocolate fresh mint ice cream. It tastes minty-chocolaty, silky and rich. You won't believe it's actually...

Best Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie

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This is the easiest dessert! A little to rich for me, so I would suggest going easy on the peanut butter if you're like me.

Plum Ice Cream

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Not only is this recipe super easy to make – it’s delicious and nutritious too. You can top with a selection of nuts, honey (or more maple syrup) and we’ve also added a sprink...

Banana & Almond Ice Cream

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If you haven’t tried making banana ice cream (or nana nice-cream as it’s sometimes called) then you need to give it a go. It’s super delicious and really easy to make. All you n...

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