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7 Things That Could Be Making You Sick at Home

Most people assume that they only get sick when they are around sick people. While this is a common reason, there are things right in your home that might be the cause of your problems. Learn how to make your house healthier.

1. Change your filters regularly.

There are filters in your furnace and air conditioning units that require a certain amount of maintenance. Make sure you are inspecting them and changing them regularly, how often you need to do this may depend on where you live. When you don’t change them, they can help to spread germs throughout your home, rather than trap them.

2. Vacuum slowly.

Vacuuming too quickly can increase the amount of dust and particles in the air. Take your time and go slowly while vacuuming. And, make sure you are emptying the bag or canister regularly, outdoors. Charles Gerba, Ph.d., a professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona, stated, “When you empty the bag, it may release a big cloud of E. coli and salmonella into the air.”

3. Use the bathroom fan.

It’s important to run the bathroom fan when you are showering, to help prevent a buildup of moisture in the room. Moisture can easily turn into mold and mildew, and can lead to cold symptoms when you really aren’t sick. For those with allergies or asthma, this is even more important.

4. Get rid of poisonous products.

Plenty of cleaning products intended to make your house more germ-free contain harmful chemicals and substances that can lead to respiratory or skin reactions, and some are even known to affect reproductive systems. Keep your home smelling fresh by boiling citrus peels and using pleasant smelling herbs. Use natural cleaning products whenever possible.

5. Clean your kitchen faucet.

There is a tiny metal screen on the end of your faucet that needs to be regularly cleaned. This little trap is a breeding ground for bacteria, because it typically stays moist. When you run the water, this bacteria can flow out into your dishes and food. Periodically remove the screen and soak it in bleach to kill the bacteria, and rinse it thoroughly before replacing it.

6. Wash your welcome mat.

Nobody needs more bacteria as houseguests. Recent studies have shown that nearly 100% of shoes worn outdoors contain traces of coliform, which is a type of bacteria containing faecal material, which can cause illness. Spray your welcome mat with a disinfectant spray regularly and make sure outdoor shoes are only worn outdoors.

5. Clean your refrigerator seal.

The inside seal of your refrigerator can trap plenty of illness-inducing bacteria. A recent study conducted at the University of Arizona studied 160 homes and found that nearly 85% of them had mold growing on the refrigerator seal. Make sure you clean yours with a disinfecting bleach solution regularly.

Make sure you pay attention to these less-obvious germy situations in your home, to keep you and your family healthy!