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What Are the Ingredients of a Healthy Grocery Store

Pamela Paul, in her article entitled America’s Healthiest Grocery Stores, reported the results of a six-judge panel’s search for the healthiest grocery chains across America. 

The panel was composed of health experts and commissioned by

Grocery stores were chosen based on their ability to offer fresh and healthy foods and provide customers with the best tools for making nutritious choices.

The panel selected the following grocery stores:

1. Whole Foods

2. Safeway

3. Harris Teeter

4. Trader Joe’s 

5. Hannaford

6. Albertsons

7. Food Lion

8. Publix Super Markets

9. Pathmark

10. Super Target

If some of these grocery chains do not look familiar, you are not alone. Six of the ten stores are regional. 

How can you find the healthiest grocery store in your local area? 

Some of the features offered by the healthiest grocery stores that caught the attention of the panel are:

• Offering a wide variety of locally grown and organic fruits and vegetables.

• Clear and easy-to-understand nutritional labeling on all of the products carried in the store so that shoppers can easily compare brands and make healthy choices.

• Store brands that feature organic products without artificial flavors and colors, MSG, genetically modified ingredients and trans fat. 

• Rating programs that help shoppers chose the healthiest version of the grocery item they are looking for.

• Displays that highlight in-season produce.

• Dairy and meat from local and organic sources.

• Online programs to analyze what you buy and make recommendations for healthier choices.

• Discounts on fresh fruits and vegetables.

• Healthy menu ideas that are available in-store and online. 

Shop at the local grocery store that offers the greatest amount of these features and you will ensure that your dollars are supporting a business that has made your health its priority.