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Junk Food and Kids; Fighting Childhood Obesity at Home

According to Kim Carollo of ABC News, the annual National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey demonstrated that 40 percent of the calories eaten by children ages 2-18 are empty calories. Half of these empty calories, or 20 percent of their overall diet, are from soda, sugary fruit drinks, desserts, pizza and whole milk. 

The Center for Disease Control reports that the obesity rate in children has tripled over the past thirty years. Childhood obesity is on First Lady Michelle Obama’s mind as well, leading her to be an advocate for the Let’s Move campaign, which encourages kids to be active and make healthier food choices.

Good nutrition is a key to solving childhood obesity, but many parents feel that preparing healthier food for their kids takes too much time. 

It is easier than you think to prepare nutritious and delicious recipes with your children that they will love!

Try making time-saving make-ahead versions of family favorites like macaroni and cheese, chicken or cheese enchiladas, or lasagna

Healthy recipes for classic American dishes like hamburgers, Crispy Oven-Fried Onion Rings, and baked chicken fingers are easy to make in your own kitchen! By making these child favorites at home instead of from a box or fast-food you can cut down on the added-sugar, salt and refined junk that sneaks into prepared foods.

Prepare a large recipe of muffins, pancakes, or waffles and then freeze them so they are ready to defrost in the microwave when you need a quick breakfast. 

Enjoy dessert recipes that feature fruits like smoothies, fresh fruit dessert pizza, or sliced fresh fruit served with dip. 

When you prepare these quick and easy recipes for your kid’s favorite dishes, you can save money and incorporate more nutritious ingredients into their diets.