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Rachael Ray's New Cooking Channel Show Helps Busy People Get Dinner on the Table

Rachael Ray’s latest show, Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day, puts her time-saving idea of “one day of cooking, five days of eating” into practice.

From the premier of 30-Minute Meals on Food Network in 2001, to her brand new Cooking Channel show, Rachael Ray has made a career out of helping busy people create satisfying and healthy meals at home.

With eighteen books to her credit, a talk show and two cooking shows currently in production, and a magazine bearing her name, Rachael Ray is arguably the hardest working cooking personality on television.

She can sympathize with Americans who feel pressed for time when it comes to getting a nutritious dinner on the table.

If you do not have access to the Cooking Channel, try these ideas to maximize your time and prepare wholesome meals:

• Create a meal plan for the week.

• Fix quick and easy recipes that can be stored until you are ready to enjoy them.

• Save time and money by utilizing a few key ingredients in multiple meals and only going to the grocery store once a week.

Even with a packed schedule and tight budget, it is still possible to cook healthy and satisfying recipes to share with your family.


anonymous Ajax, Canada

I am glad that I found you, for me you guys are tremendously amazing with all the great food recipes you are postings.

patty medley springfield,oh.

Rachael please go back to the way you were doing your shows on 30 min.go back to jeans and let us see you cutting,peeling,etc.your food I love you just the way you were! I do like the five meals in one day. Could you just do it the old way?? Please?