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Try These Simple Thigh Toning Exercises

There are many people who assume that if you don’t break a sweat while working out then you are not making any progress. One problem with that thinking is that people may avoid working out because they don’t have enough time to get sweaty and then cleaned up. There are, however, a bunch of moves that you can do very slowly and gracefully that will help you tighten and tone your thighs, without making you even break a sweat.

The movements that are referred to are taken from the traditional Chinese martial art of tai chi. This involves using movements that are so slow it appears as if you are moving underwater. The results are quite impressive, but the movements are not hard on your muscles or joints.

Tai chi can not only help you tone your muscles, but improve your balance, help you relax, and improve your flexibility. Doing these three moves every day will help you tone your muscles. They also function as a great way to warm up or cool down when added to your regular exercise regimen.

1. The Empty Step

To perform this movement, begin by standing up tall and slightly bending your knees. Place your hands in front of your chest with your elbows bent. Very gently, take an “empty step,” by taking your right foot and lifting it as if you were about to start walking. Hover your heel over the floor. Take a very slow, deep breath, and breathe in and out evenly for about 30 seconds while holding this position. Set your right foot down and repeat with your left leg. Continue this very slow, gentle walking movement for 6 steps on each leg.

2. The Rooster Pose

Stand in a tall, relaxed posture with your feet placed hip distance apart. Place your hands in front of your chest, in a position as if you were holding a ball. Raise your left knee to hip level with your toes angled slightly out. Breathe slowly and deeply and hold your position steadily for 30 seconds. Lower your left knee and repeat on the right. Repeat twice on each leg. Work up to holding this position for 3 minutes.

3. The Crouch Step

Stand in a position with your feet wider than shoulder distance apart, with your toes angled out. Bend your elbows and hold your forearms parallel with each other in front of your chest. Keep your arms about 10 inches apart and hold your palms facing each other. While keeping your right leg straight, bend your left knee as you lower your body toward the floor. Hold this position, while breathing slowly and deeply for 30 seconds. Straighten your left leg and repeat on the right. Repeat twice with each leg. Work your way up to holding the position for 3 minutes.

Performing these simple exercises regularly will help you tone your thighs without having to perform any strenuous exercises.