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1,072 chili recipes

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Alamo Chili

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A simple but savory chili made with succulent stewing beef, pinto beans and jalapeno peppers.

Andy Beals' Chili

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About half of the beans I used were chili beans. And I used a Guinness beer. I (roughly) seeded the jalapenos and this was surprisingly still spicy. A cheap cut of beef works qu...

Arcadian Eight Bean Chili

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Arcadian Eight Bean Chili recipe

$25,000 Chili

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$25,000 Chili recipe

Bandera Chili

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Bandera Chili recipe

Beef and Bacon Chili

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Beef and Bacon Chili recipe

Abilene Texas Chili

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Abilene Texas Chili recipe

A Very Tasty Chili

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A Very Tasty Chili Recipe recipe

Beef Chili with Navy Beans

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6 days ago

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Beef chili with navy beans, one of our many easy chili recipes. Perfect for simmering on the stovetop or use your crock-pot for a slow-cooker chili recipe.

A Working Woman's Chili

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A Working Woman's Chili recipe

Beefy Chunk and Cheese Chili

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A curried beef and bean chili topped with cheese.

Amarillo Chili

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Amarillo Chili recipe

Awesome Chili

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Awesome Chili recipe

Bone Suckin' Red Bean Chili

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Now that Autumn is approaching, try this wonderful chili at your next meal or gathering!

Artichoke Hearts, Olives, Sun-Dried Tomato and Red Chili Bread

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Moist and flavorful bread topped with marinated artichoke hearts, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh red chili peppers, shaped and baked in a casserole dish. It's delici...

5 Alarm Chili

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6 days ago

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Some like it REAL hot!

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