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87 baked chicken recipes

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Baked Chicken Casserole



A scrumptious chicken casserole made with white wine, parsley leaves and rosemary sprigs.

Baked Chicken with Provolone & Ziti



With a true Italian taste, this savory dish is perfect for a romantic dinner for two at home.

Baked Chicken with Mushrooms And Artichokes



Why prepare a salad when you easily just enjoy this succulent dish that has vegetables you will thoroughly enjoy!

Best Ever Low-Fat Baked Chicken



Turn off the barbecue and try this healthy version of baked chicken that's succulent down to the last bite.

Baked Chicken Breasts (Crockpot)

30 days ago


Slow cooker chicken breast recipe. An easy chicken breast recipe with oodles of sauce. Crock pot baked chicken breast with mushrooms.

Baked Chicken Breasts with Mushrooms



Instead of firing up the barbecue, try this succulent and scrumptious chicken dish that will make you forget about barbecue sauce.

Baked Garlic Chicken Legs



Spice up your dinner with this succulent dish that will have you licking your lips and fingers.

Baked Chicken Breasts with Honey Mustard Sauce



A juicy tender saucy baked chicken main dish. The wild rice gives it a sophisticated feel.

The Easiest Baked Chicken



Baked Chicken recipe

Baked Chicken Murphy



Delicious and easy to make. Chunks of chickens, sausages, and fresh veggies are cooked with stewed tomatoes, which makes lots of tasty sauce. Serve it over a bed of rice or spag...

Baked Chicken Breast Casserole

29 days ago


An easy and tasty chicken casserole that's also loaded with chunks of vegetables.

Baked Chicken Legs



What a luscious recipe! The chicken falls off the bone and the savory 'gravy' is awesome soaked in the whole grain peasant bread. My only question is, "where is the baking?". I ...

Baked Parmesan Chicken Fingers (Low Fat)



This crispy crunchy are baked in the oven and to add moist juicy flavor the chicken strips are soaked in a buttermilk marinade. There is then no need for egg and no need for fr...

Baked Lemon Chicken with Mushroom Sauce



Juicy, tender and tasty chicken n' mushrooms. An easy weeknight meal that's simple to prepare using economical ingredients.

Baked BBQ chicken w/ sweet potato fries



It's the weekend but freezing out and I wanted BBQ and fries without all the greasyness. So I grabbed some chicken legs out the freezer and some regular french fries. Realized I...

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