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Wok recipe collection

Mandarin Orange Chicken

1 day ago

2.31 k

This is my rendition of a recipe from an old Campbell's Soup cook book.

15 Minute Broccoli Beef (Easy)



Simple, quick easy and tasty Broccoli Beef. Can also be made with pork or chicken.

Beef with Celery and Mushrooms



Beef slices are stir-fried with onions, celeries and mushrooms in a soy-wine sauce. Quick, easy and flavorful. Serve it with a bowl of rice or steamed buns to complete the meal.

Chicken Velvet



Egg whites omelete that has minced chicken breast in, is cooked in a hot wok until the omelete is set and the chicken is cooked. It can be a light, tasty yet nutritious brunch o...

Chicken with Zucchini



Chicken with Zucchini recipe

Easy Sweet and Sour Pork



The right balance of flavor. The pork was sweet, sour, and full of flavour. I added pineapple chunks, both green and red bell peppers to the dish. The dish looked so colourful a...

Mushrooms in White Sauce



Mushrooms are cooked in a hot wok, served with an easy yet tasty white sauce that's made with milk and cornstarch, simply cooked in a wok.

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